Joe Biden really owns Water Island next to the islands Epstein owned?

There are many fabricated lies from Trump side with Cyber Force he has created. Qanon, CIA, Cyber Force etc are releasing tons of FAKE information to brainwash people.

I accidentally run into the Youtube video saying “Joe Biden owns Water Island next to Epstein owned St. James Islands beside St Thomas US Virgin Island.” It sounds like Joe Biden is the next neighbor of Epstein visiting, molesting and raping children. I felt “Isn’t it true that Joe Biden is so super rich to own his private island next to Epstein owned islands?”

Then I’ve found this article.

Fact check: Joe Biden does not own island in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Posts circulating on Facebook make the primary claim that former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden owns a private island in the Caribbean next to Little St. James, the island owned by the late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. This claim is false.  

Biden never owned land on Water Island. His past vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands (here) and his brother’s land deal likely serve as the source of this misinformation. 

This misinformation should come from TRUMP side in order to look like Biden is a part of the Epstein pedophilia group. It is amazing how Trump Administration try to manipulate everything including fabricating lies, defunding all the cities with Democrat Mayors, removing and disassembling 600 multi-million dollar sorting machines in US Postal Office.

Who is behind Trump? Trump has gotten 22 billion dollars from Rothschild before the previous election. Rothschild (=Illuminati) is directing Trump what he should do.

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