JonBenét Murder Mystery: Patsy Ramsey wrote that ransom note

Why now I am so interested in JonBenét case that happened 25 years ago? It’s because this case is related to Epstein & Trump Pedophile ring that killed JonBenét.

Pedophile recruiter, Maxwell was just behind JonBenét on the following image.

25 years ago, JonBenét murder news was so spread, and everybody knew about it even in Japan. When I saw the image of ransom note and hand writing, I felt really strange because the hand writing was so unique that nobody could write the way of the hand writing on that ransom note. And what I was written looked quite childish. I knew Patsy, the mother of JonBenét wrote it.

Now, I looked up again and confirmed it was written by Patsy.

By the letter Patsy wrote, I can read her mental instability and psychopathic character. She could not write a line straight. She used her own daughter in order to be rich and famous by selling her daughter to Epstein Trump Pedophile ring. If JonBenét could still alive, she could have tell us all about Epstein Trump Pedophile activities.

The contents in the ransom note had some interesting sentences.

“We are small foreign faction” This represents the pedophile ring operating worldwide. Epstein Pedophile ring is British Royal Pedophile including Prince Andrew. Epstein had many places all over the world to have Pedophile parties including one in Paris.

These “two gentlemen watching over your daughter” represents two guys from that Pedophile Ring came to rape JonBenét in that night. They might be Epstein and Trump who accidentally chocked her too strong and killed her.

Other interesting evidences are the ransom note was written by the pen in Ramsey’s house, and a piece of draft of the ransom note had been found. That draft might have been written by somebody else, like 2 men who raped JonBenét that night.

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