Trump’s Tyranny: Trump is above the law, and what he says is law

Tyrant Trump is above the law. That means even though he breaks laws, those laws cannot apply to him.

All the laws have been created in order to control humans. That’s why Reptilians are above the laws.

What Trump says will be the law. Tyrant Trump will create dictatorship and rule not only US but also the world. Dictatorship is the best way to oppress and rule the world. What Trump says will be adopted to create laws under his dictatorship.

Trump has created Cyber Force to launch information warfare spreading demagogues so that he can be in power forever. You can see these tactics in Qanon and “Drain the swamp” operation. Trump himself is a child rapist who raped many virgin underage girls in Epstein mansion, and his Cyber Force including Qanon is spreading demagogues “Trump is the hero who is fighting against the pedophile organizations to save children.”

All the Light Workers bought by Darkside should shame themselves by spreading Qanon demagogues. Recently, I witnessed so many Light Workers have been bought by Darkside, and they are spreading Qanon demagogues. The power of money is still dominant in this world.




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