M3.1 Quake in New Jersey near Naval Weapons Station


The shallow quakes like this one with 5km depth are signature quakes caused by the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Bases led by Galactic Federation of Light. The deepest place in Reptilian Secret Underground Base is 6 mile deep (a little bit less than 10km).

Many people felt this quake in the middle of the populated area.

The epicenter on Google Map


All the police academy, high school, career center and green space along the creek are the surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

There is a huge Naval Weapons Station near by. There is always Reptilian Secret Underground Base underneath of US Military bases. Reptilians own US Government and US Military.


There was also M1.3 quake in Portland, Maine one day before the M3.1 New Jersey quake.


Epicenter on Google Map


This epicenter is located near Portland International Jetport.

It looks like this area has strong connection to Denver Colorado where has the one of the biggest Reptilian Secret Underground Bases just under Denver International Airport. Almost all airports have Reptilian Secret Underground Bases underneath them including this Portland Jetport.

Of course, this rare quake was cause by the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

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