Fire Damage in Talent & Phoenix from the sky




The fire burnt and destroyed so many structures along I-5. You cannot define this fire as “Wildfire” because only urban area was burnt.

I post the images look unique and interesting from the video above.

This is just beside I-5. You can see it looks like crater. What kind of event can create this crater? Direct Energy Weapon? Underground base collapse? A small asteroid hit there? Or Antifa exploded a molotov cocktail as Qanon saying “Antifa burnt that area”?

If you see the next image, this crater is quite big and deep compare to a truck passing by.

The fire spared one house owned by people live with love and light.

It looks like fire retardant did not work at all.

You can find and match where was burnt on Google Map of Talent & Phoenix while watching the video above.,-122.7964957,7608m/data=!3m1!1e3

Oregon Fire Department has decided that they will disengage their operations because of the unpredictable conditions of fires. They will engage again as soon as the weather cooperate.

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