Qanon spreads demagogues “Police arrested 6 Antifa members as arsonists in Oregon”–QDciQ

This demagogues from Qanon is really elaborated demagogue with even a picture of arrested man.

Even Qanon uses the name of Medford Police and its symbol. It looks real information. The most of people believe this information is real from Medford Police. But Medford Police is saying this is an elaborate demagogue using their name and symbol.

Qanon made demagogue with an arrested man picture and news looking background. Qanon could use “Medford Police” name and its symbol. If I were the one who created, I will be arrested for making up demagogue. But for Qanon, who created this elaborated demagogue, will not be arrested. Who is this Qanon? Of course, Reptilian entity CIA supporting Trump Administration.

Trump wants to spread his demagogue “Look! Antifa created all these wildfires. Antifa has been created and supported by Democrats. Therefore, Democrats are creating all these wildfires.”

This is insane. But this is what Trump wants people to think. I believe Antifa has been created and supported by Trump Administration to mess up cities with Democrat Mayors. Then Trump defunds all the cities with Democrat Mayors so that those cities cannot get Federal Government money. Trump wants to have totalitarian regime without Democrat, his opponent political group.




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