Hurricane Sally aiming at US Military bases around Mississippi & Alabama coast

Hurricane Sally created by Galactic Federation of Light is getting stronger and moving very slowly toward Mississippi & Alabama coast where there are some major US Military bases such as Keesler Air Force Base, Pascagoula Naval Complex and more military facilities.

Keesler Air Force Base has its runway, marina, golf course, commissary and waterfront housing.,-88.9259149,2794m/data=!3m1!1e3

Pascagoula Naval Complex on Google Map,-88.5707887,2794m/data=!3m1!1e3

For sure, those military bases have also Reptilian Secret Underground Bases. US Military is owned by Reptilians.

It will be Category 2. But who knows? It might end up Category 3. The recent trend of hurricanes is while approaching weak, but they suddenly become much more powerful than expected. Now, the temperature of water in Gulf of Mexico is just like the temperature of bathtub. That hot water will fuel the hurricane.

Now, Hurricane Sally has almost reached Mobile Alabama, and it will stay around Mobile until Wednesday night. So it will be almost 3 day stay.

This slow movement of hurricane Sally reminds me Hurricane Dorian decimated Abaco Island of Bahamas last year.

After 3 day stay around Mobile Alabama, it will move to northeast slowly.

Around Thursday noon, it will reach Columbus Georgia where is again another huge US Military base, Fort Benning. If you see the following image, you see the remnant of Hurricane Sally is till strong being fueled by the moisture from Gulf of Mexico.

Potential Storm Surge

There are so many houses around southeast of New Orleans where storm surge might be 4~11 feet (11 feet = 3.4 meters).,-89.9291862,5597m/data=!3m1!1e3

Street View of low-lying area in Hi-Land. These houses will be flooded.

Up to 18 inch of rain can be expected around Biloxi where Keesler Air Force Base is located.

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