Defense Secretary Mark Esper about Space

The video address is below.

Esper tries to avoid mentioning the threat from Galactic Federation of Light. Instead, he insists (= lies) the threat in space comes from China & Russia.

He emphasizes 4 points for the strategy for space.

First, strengthening Air Force, Space Force and Cyber Force. It is clear that recently, Cyber Force is controlling Internet so that the information they don’t want people to see are hidden or removed. This is the typical strategy for Dark Force to keep people in the Darkness.

Second, using AI to control the world and people. Esper emphasizes the importance of AI to dominate and control the society. He believes they have the superior AI technology.

Third, militarize 5G technology to control people and world. 5G network is for military advancement. 5G can control people’s mind and even health.

Fourth, cooperation of Military Industrial Complex to create affordable military killing machines.

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