TAOISM | The Power of Letting Go


Art of Non-doing (Flow State)

We have tendency to try to control everything. Let universe and nature do your jobs. Just let yourself be on the flow.

Embracing the change

The most efficient way to living is simply moving along with the waves of existence. The flow of life and its transformations are inevitable. If you cling to the circumstances, you see life passing you by, including many opportunities for positive change. If you swim against the stream, you waste your energy.

Not focusing on outcomes

Focusing too much on the future makes us anxious. Your present endeavors become fueled by a desire for an uncontrollable result. Just focus on the present moment.

Jesus also said ““Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. ”

Now is the moment to focus and live.

Letting go of excess

The question you can ask yourself is: what do you truly need? If you aim for what you need, and let go of excess, you prevent possessions from becoming your prison cell, which allows you to travel light. The basic necessities for life are easy to come by, and that living moderately is the key to happiness.

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