Reptilians working in NASA

Video Title: NASA Sees High Temperatures, Wildfires, Sea Ice Minimum Extent in Warming Arctic

It is so bad for Reptilians disguising as human using human hologram. Their human hologram has been often disturbed by waves of cosmic energy.

Look at the disturbance of human hologram of NASA scientist. Please notice ONLY her human hologram was disturbed, but nothing else was disturbed.

NASA is a Reptilian organization. The most of people work for NASA are Reptilians.

I believe their human hologram is something to do with Magnetosphere. Magnetosphere is the one protecting their human holograms from the waves of cosmic energy. But recently, Magnetosphere is getting weak and thinner. Sometimes, it is blown away by the waves of cosmic energy. That makes their human holograms dysfunction.

Today’s weak Magnetosphere

It’s cracked open so that the waves of cosmic energy can come in.

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