Trump will stay in Power even he loses in next election

Trump will stay in power even if he loses in next election and Joe Biden is elected.

In Press Conference, a reporter asked him “Will you transfer the power to Joe Biden peacefully if Joe Biden wins?” Trump answered “I will discredit and disregard the result of the election. I will stay in power.”

Trump will be in Power whether he loses the election

Military high rank retired officers have the insider information US Military is now concerning about the high possibility Trump will be in power even after he loses the election. This content has been published on Defense One site.

The scenario Trump Administration is making is following.

Trump will ignore Joe Biden’s win in the election as FAKE NEWS.

Trump will remain in White House even after Presidential Inauguration Ceremony for Joe Biden on January 20, 2021.

Trump will be guarded by his private army (Green Reptilian Army). Only the way to get rid of him from White House is deployment of US Military. Either US Military gets rid of Trump while fighting against Trump’s Reptilian Army, or do nothing about it.

Then US Constitution will die completely, and Trump’s forever dictatorship will rampage not only in US but also in the world. It will be complete chaos with wars and massacres.

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