Bill Gates is investing in VEGAN products with DEPOPULATION Agenda

As a beginner of Vegan, I tried to entertain myself eating many kinds of Vegan products which were very expensive. But now, as a Vegan specialist, I don’t buy very much Vegan products. It is not only for saving money but also for saving my health.

You might trust those products, and you feel nice Vegan people are operating and manufacturing those products. But today, I’ve found a video that Bill Gates said “He is investing in Vegan products. The quality has been improving.” As you know, Bill Gates has his agenda, Depopulation Agenda. Yes, his mission is killing people by poisonous vaccines and medicines. But now, he likes to depopulate Vegan people by making Vegan products by his Depopulation Agenda.

Normally, Vegan people are ground crews of Galactic Federation of Light. It is hard (if not impossible) for average humans to become Vegan by quitting all the animal products.

As a Vegan beginner, I felt the need to eat fake meat, fake cheese, fake of everything. But now, I cook and eat only once a day. I need to eat food with whole nutrition for that meal. I rather eat natural beans rather than fake meat. Beans are healthy and cheap. I don’t have very much money left. I have to save my money. That means I cannot afford buying Vegan fake foods.

Bill Gates is investing Beyond Burger, Impossible food and more.

He is explaining “The quality is getting better. You cannot distinguish real burger or plant based burger.”

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos is also investing in Vegan products.

I am very glad to find out who is behind all the Vegan products. I will never buy those products with Depopulation Agenda.

I’ve heard those Vegan fake burgers have also human meat mixed just like McDonald burgers. If you don’t want to eat human meat, they mix human meat into Vegan meat to force you to eat human meat. They want you to be a cannibal just like them.

It is very important to avoid any kind of processed food whether Vegan or not.

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