Quake Swarm in South of Salton Sea

Is this happening because of the slow slip of earthquake fault (That area is right on San Andreas fault) or Reptilian Secret Underground Base under attack? It’s hard to tell, but I know around here there is huge Reptilian Secret Underground Complex.

All the Geothermo facilities around here are the surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Complex.

Look at the huge ventilator building. That’s 3 story high! You can find these huge ventilator buildings all over this area. These huge ventilators are to send air to their underground complex. Energy companies are all owned by Reptilian entities.


There was FIRE to clean up Reptilian infested area near here in the end of Jun.

One dead, 40 homes destroyed in Niland fire


Look! Niland is such a small town. 40 houses were destroyed. That means that town was demolished.


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