Trump Corona Infection: Pus coming out of his lungs

Trump’s lungs have been infected with Coronavirus. Once his lungs are infected, pus keeps coming out of his lungs.

You can hear he is clearing his throat filled with pus coming out of his lungs on the following video.





I am sure Trump has been infected with Coronavirus since last May when he has started taking anti-malaria drug in order to prevent symptoms. Now, he has obvious symptoms. That’s why they announced “Trump is infected.”

The problem is since Trump has been on anti-viral drug for long time, his Coronavirus might have evolved into Super Virus that have out grow over that anti-viral drug. Once Coronavirus has evolved into Super Coronavirus, NO anti-viral medicine including Remdesivir might work at all.

He will start his campaign from tomorrow in Florida & Pennsylvania. He will be a Super-spreader to spread Super Coronavirus to many of his supporters and assistants.

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