TRUMP “Low Income People are Criminals”

Trump “Suburban women should love me because I am protecting you and doing good job.”

“I am protecting you by stopping Low Income Housing Projects and criminals away from your area!”

That means Trump has definition “Low Income people are criminals.”

I am proud of myself as a NO-Income person. But Trump will see me as a criminal. For Trump, poor people are all criminals and dangerous.

Trump will not give anything for poor people. He might like to lock up all poor people to FEMA camps instead giving them the welfare. There is NO future for poor people during Trump Administration. Trump believes ONLY rich people should enjoy their lives, and poor people should keep suffering.

Trump believes poor people should not even cast their ballot for Presidential Election. That’s why Trump Administration has removed so many voting places in poor neighborhoods so that people without cars cannot drive to vote.

I have to tell you whether Trump wins or not, he will stay in power by using his dirty tricks. But this Reptilian World will end within 2 months. I don’t very much care about it. I just need to relax and enjoy nature until December 21, 2020.

A Reptilian with MAGA hat just behind Trump is beaming his eyes. Reptilians can beam their eyes in order to control human mind.

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