Colorado FIRE has been initiated and operated by Cloudship

Look at the beautiful cloudship over the Colorado FIRE. That cloudship has been operating the FIRE in order to clean up Reptilian Secret Underground Base and Reptilian infested area. Colorado is the well known state for Reptilian Secret Underground Base where Reptilian Corey Goode will go in during Doomsday.

Corey Goode said in the video of Thirdphaseofmoon channel “I live in Colorado because the military underground bases in Colorado is the one of the best! I will go in the military underground base during Doomsday.”

Who can go into Secret Military Underground Base in Colorado? Of course, ONLY privileged human disguising Reptilians including Queen Elizabeth & Corey Goode.

But this time, they cannot survive even in their secret underground base. Nobody can survive after Supernova Event.

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