Magnetosphere weakness links to Doomsday Event

On my blog, I’ve been showing you how our Magnetosphere has become weaker and thinner. The image below shows the Earth does NOT have Magnetosphere surrounded because Magnetosphere has been blown out by the waves of Cosmic Energy with electron particles.

The weakness and thinness of Magnetosphere relates to Doomsday Event with pole shift. Before the last Doomsday Event, Magnetosphere field became suddenly weak.

Until 1859 A.D., Magnetosphere was stable and strong. But up to year 2000, Magnetosphere has lost 10%.

Between year 2000 to 2010, Magnetosphere has lost additionally more than 5%. And After year 2017, Magnetosphere has kept losing and getting weaker and weaker, thinner and thinner. Sometimes, Earth does not have Magnetosphere at all just like the first image of this article.

This can prove that Event on December 21, 2020 might be really realistic.

Central Sun in the core of our galaxy will explode that can trigger our Sun’s explosion. The explosion of Central Sun can cause a hundred thousand of Supernova around our galaxy. 3D Earth will be ended by that Supernova Event.

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