Hill Air Force Base has been attacked by Galactic Federation of Light

2 days ago, around 11:30 AM, many people around Hill Air Force Base in Utah heard a sonic boom and shaking. There is no seismograph recording for this incidence. Air Force said this sonic boom was caused by military exercise. I doubted it. Many people doubted.

I am sure that Hill Air Force Base and their secret underground base has been attacked by Galactic Federation of Light.

Hill Air Force Base on Google Map


There is a huge quarry beside Hill Air Force Base. All quarries and mines are construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

In addition, there were hundreds of small quakes in Salt Lake City recently.

The green lake beside tremors is a trailing pond has the water from underground. That trailing pond can prove there is a huge Reptilian Secret Underground base around there.

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