Popping up hotspots on radar are appeared to be Reptilian Secret Underground Bases

Hotspots with extreme high temperature are appearing and disappearing on radar recently found by Dutchsinse. I also have started looking for hotspots everyday on College du Page radar.

I looked up 3 of those hotspots around Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina and found out those places were located Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

First, I want to show you the hotspot in Georgia. There is the Industrial Air Park with huge solar farm. Both airport and solar farm are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.


The second hotspot I want to show you is one in South Carolina. Again, the location has Regional Airport that is the surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

The third hotspot is next to Fort Benning Army Base where is located Georgia & Alabama border line. The hotspot is located Alabama side. Around there, there are multiple hotspots. One major hotspot is the following.


Here is industrial area with disturbed earth area of a quarry, the construction site and main entrance of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Galactic Federation of Light is burning and melting those Reptilian Secret Underground Bases with their Direct Energy Weapons.

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