Explosion can be seen on Radar but No News about it

While I was looking for hot spots on College of DuPage radar, I’d found it looked like an explosion in Riverside County in California where 3 major wildfires are burning right now.

Suddenly, black smoke came out from area (Beltown?) beside I-215 highway.

Then the black smoke spread toward west.

Some other wildfires’ smoke are white moving toward Pacific Ocean, not black.

Then that black smoke moved South and dissipated.

I looked at Google Map around that location. There is a quarry and Solar Farm. Both are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.


There is another quarry just beside a huge suspicious vacant land.


There is also Springfellow Acid Pit, a Superfund site, a toxic waste dump. It used to be a rock quarry owned by James Springfellow.

All mines and quarries are construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.


Oak Quarry Golf Club on the map is also the surface facility of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

My conclusion is this black smoke came out from Reptilian Secret Underground Base where had been attacked and exploded by Galactic Federation of Light.

I’ve found somebody has also found that explosion on the College of DuPage radar. He believes it was an eruption.





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