Dust Near the Sun suddenly changed the direction from inward to outward


New mysteries

Malaspina and his colleagues were originally hoping to use those puffs to pinpoint where exactly the solar system’s inward-flying dust becomes outward-flying dust. But they stumbled on something puzzling in the process: The concentrations of dust that the team recorded seemed to vary by as much as 50% between Parker’s six orbits around the Sun. 

“That’s really interesting because the timescale that it takes for dust to move in toward the Sun is thousands to millions of years,” Malaspina said. “So how do we get variation in just three or four months?”

In Millions of years, the dust near Sun had moved inward, and suddenly in these three or four months, the dust has started moving outward.

This can tell the environment of Solar System has been changed dramatically in these three to four months.

Just recently, the explosion of Proxima Centaruri, the star of the nearest star system has been observed. The Explosion of Betelgeuse in Orion Star System has been observed one year ago. These explosions are caused by the explosion of Central Sun of our galaxy (Great Solar Flash).

The next star to be exploded? Of course, our Sun. Sun will be exploded soon, maybe within this month (December 21?). Then 3D Earth will be destroyed. That will be the day of Ascension.

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