The truth of Nashville Explosion and Fake News Story

RV explosion made 40 buildings damaged in downtown Nashville? Governor of Tennessee declared National Emergency. The explosion was so severe.

I believe this explosion in Nashville, the center of Reptilian satanic organization, was purely cleansing operated by Galactic Federation of Light.

First, let’s examine FAKE story created by Reptilian agencies.

RV parked on a street of downtown Nashville.

A woman (a crisis actress) heard an emergency message from this parked RV. “A bomb will explode. Evacuate now!”

Don’t you feel this story is really weird? What kind of home made bomb can destroy 40 buildings? They don’t have the answer yet. Now, they are concocting some more stories to tell you.

The explosion happened just beside AT&T building with satanic horns, that can be the target of Galactic Federation of Light.

Many times, AT&T utility trucks stalked me. I know AT&T is the core Reptilian company.

The AT&T outage is the most severe around my area in North Alabama. Illuminati AT&T and Reptilian agencies are operating in my area from Nashville.

It should be an explosion in Reptilian Secret Underground Base. The following image showed heavy covers over the underground facility are missing.

Street View of Google Map shows many covers over AT&T underground facility.,-86.7765438,3a,37.5y,237.2h,87.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sle30GenlolagNX2ldhGcwQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

If you hear the message “If you hear the message, evacuate now.”, you feel this message is NOT from RV. It sounds more like coming from city’s speaker up in the sky.

The RV does NOT have a speaker outside of vehicle.

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