City of Nashville had been notified about Explosion before it happened

Fake News reported Nashville Police had evacuated that area before the Explosion that damaged more than 40 buildings in downtown Nashville.

As their report, that RV parked on that street was releasing the message “A bomb will be explode. If you hear this message, evacuate now.”

But Police did NOT check or do nothing about this RV. Isn’t it strange? Police did not check the occupant in RV to interview what he was doing and why he was messaging about a bomb. That should be the first thing Police should have done, right?

But instead of doing that, Police just evacuated that area. That means City of Nashville and Police have been notified that Explosion would happen at that time by the creator of that Explosion.

The message about Evacuation sounded very PROFESSIONAL and from a city’s speaker installed in high place. I am sure city officials made those messages and released from a speaker installed by the city.

Let’s look at the Explosion in Nashville of security camera.

The Explosion was in less than a second or even less than 0.1 second. It looks the Explosion was created by super high tech Direct Energy Weapon.

But Fake News insists an occupant of RV made a home made bomb (because he could not get a real bomb from US military, of course) to explode city and himself.

I want to show you how a bomb explosion is. I’ve found a Youtube video experimenting a bomb explosion. You can see the difference between Nashville Explosion and a conventional bomb explosion.

You can see a bomb detonate differently than Nashville Explosion.

Where was still burning long time? It looked those fire coming out of underground (Reptilian Secret Underground Base just under the AT&T transmission building).

The covers of AT&T and City of Nashville Underground facility (Reptilian Secret Underground Base) were blown out. The fire came out of there.

Street View of Google Map shows many covers over AT&T underground facility.,-86.7765438,3a,37.5y,237.2h,87.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sle30GenlolagNX2ldhGcwQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

City officials have been notified about the cleaning-up Explosion by Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). GFL notify the Event so that they don’t need to have victims.

GFL had notified the cleaning-up Operation on NASA (Reptilian Space Agency) Secret Underground Base in Fort Worth, Texas in 2011. US Military & NASA were reconstructing Vemana, an ancient UFO they stole from a cave in Afghanistan. GFL warned them to stop it, but they did not listen. In the end, NASA did not even evacuate the facility, and their 500 engineers perished.

The following Youtube video, President Obama is explaining how it happened.

My conclusion about Nashville Explosion is it was GFL’s Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base, and City of Nashville had been notified about this operation by GLF so that they could evacuate this area.

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