Fake Story getting bizarre: Nashville Bomber’s Letter about Reptilians

Reptilian agencies like FBI is progressing their FAKE STORY with a bomber, a fake persona, who believed Reptilians are walking among us.


An envelope with some fakery

Letter starts with “Hey Dude,”. An old guy worked in a computer company does not write like a high school kid. This fakery is NOT good.

News does not say very much about the contents of videos in these thumb drives. The Reptilian agencies (CIA & FBI) have not decided their FAKE STORIES about those videos yet.

Next information might be the key objective about the forced (FAKE) vaccine they want to inject us.

Why they need to inject a switch into the human brain by modifying human DNA?

It’s because their 3D Matrix being broadcasted by cellphone towers is going to be useless by strong cosmic energy blowing against Earth and Earth’s Magnetosphere. The cosmic energy can black out all the Reptilian grid on the Earth time to time. Those occurrence is increasing day by day. Reptilians’ human hologram is getting weak. Soon, humans have to witness their real Reptilian figures.

Angelina Jolie’s Reptilian Eye

Reptilian’s nictitating membrane

Trump’s nictitating membrane half closing

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