Nashville Bomber Fake Story: Bomber believed in Lizard People and Reptilian Conspiracy

Now, CIA and other Reptilian Agencies are progressing their FAKE STORY that a bomber (who does not exist) believed in Lizard People and Reptilian conspiracy.

Why Reptilian agencies that are creating this FAKE STORY suddenly want to touch their secret topic in public?

They want to suggest people if you talk about Lizard People & Reptilians, you might get into legal troubles?

Or they want to impress people “People who believe Lizard People & Reptilians are dangerous with bombs”?

They might have some intention that they want or need to scrutinize those people who believe the existence of Reptilians as dangerous people.

FBI Officer is telling “People who believes conspiracy theories want to execute violent attacks.” So FBI wants to categorize ‘Conspiracy Theory Believers are extremely dangerous people to execute violent attacks.’

“So for all the people that believe in conspiracy theories oftentimes they don’t have the means to execute in a violent attack or not sure how to do it”

Reptilian Government wants to round up all the conspiracy theorists who believe especially the existence of Reptilians as people who pose danger to the society. FBI and some other law enforcing agencies might be used to round up those people including me.

Reptilians feel vulnerable if people have started seeing their existence. They need to keep wearing human holograms disguising as human and mingling with humans.

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