TRUMP & US Military had a plan to hang Pence during Insurgence

At first, the militia mob was prepared for Pence to reject Election Outcome by US Military. They were there to protect Pence to do his job from some other protesters.

But once Trump and US Military had realized Pence would do his standard job according to the Constitution, they had prepared to hang Pence. US Military ordered their military and militia agents to start shouting “Hang Pence!”. Then US Military ordered those military agents to enter in order to get Pence so that they can hang him.

A guy with red checkers shirt constructed gallows to hang Pence and probably other Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

During Insurgence, many politicians called National Guard to deploy to get rid of those military mob, but they were refused by being said “If there is no authorization from the President, we cannot deploy National Guard.” At last Pence, Vice President called National Guard. More than 3 hours later, after 5 o’clock, finally National Guard had been deployed.

But Pentagon General insists he or anybody in Pentagon denied to deploy National Guard. Of course, they did not want to stop their Insurgence Operation in Capitol building.

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