US Army Special Force, Delta Force had been deployed to steal Nancy Pelosi’s computer and her documents during Military coup on January 6, 2021

According to Japanese Trump insider, US Army Special Force, Delta Force had been deployed to get Nancy Pelosi’s computer so that they can arrest her as a traitor.

Pelosi’s computer and some other documents have been stolen by US Military agents without their uniform during Insurgence.

This information has come from Thomas McInerney, a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions under the President of the United States and Secretary of Defense.

Recently, Trump fired Attorney General, William Barr and switched Jeffrey Rosen who is specialized for Military Law for Military court. Trump & US Military want Nancy Pelosi to appear as a traitor in Military court.

In order to arrest Nancy Pelosi & the rest of Democrats, Trump will declare Martial Law.

In order to activate Insurgence Law, Trump has already prepared ”Dissolution Request” video (Trump can order to dissolve Congress & Senate?).

On January 6th, Mitchell McConnell was looking back often in order to see the signal of activation of Insurgence. He had been notified when Insurgence started occurring, he and his Republican colleagues could get a signal for that so that they could escape right away.

For last 1~2 months, Trump keep firing Military officials who don’t listen to him. Those newly elected military officials are restructuring Pentagon and military organizations so that Trump can declare Martial Law and terminate US Democracy. What they want to keep is Trump’s dictatorship. Dictatorship is the easiest way to control humans.

It looks like some part of US forces (not whole US Military) are joining Military coup in DC.

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