2 Colorado Police Officers participated in Insurgence were escorted into the Capitol Building and given a bottle of water by Capitol Police


It looks like Capitol Police has been coordinated to let the Military Mob inside the Capitol building. They even prepared many bottles of water for Military Mob so that Military agents including 2 police officers from Colorado could drink that water.

On another Youtube news video, a protester asked Capitol Police at the barricade “Can I cross this barricade and enter the Capitol building?” Capitol Police officer said “Why not?”

It is obvious Capitol Police had the role to let Military mob into Capitol building. Capitol Police escorted Military mob and even gave them bottles of water.

Agents who entered Capitol building were charged ONLY misdemeanors. Their charges are much less than usual.

This horned man was arrested in Arizona for 2 misdemeanor charges. Entering Capitol building illegally is only misdemeanor? This suggests those Reptilian agents are above the law. The can get away from whatever they do including abducting human children and eat them.

Trump supporters = Reptilians with yellow snake flag

Why Reptilians hates Democrat Administration?

The answer is clear. Trump Administration has reinstated Reptilian Money System that Reptilians can get FREE money from Government, and they can also create FAKE money (by putting any digits they want in their bank accounts) as much as they want so that Reptilians can use those money to enjoy themselves and to use humans as their slaves.

During Obama Administration, Obama stopped that Reptilian money privilege, and Reptilians could not get money freely. Many RV companies were bankrupted and disappeared because Reptilians could not afford buying expensive RVs and enjoy their vagabond life. After Trump has taken over, he reinstated Reptilian Money System. Again, RV industries have started flourishing because money privileged Reptilians have started buying RVs.

When Trump was elected as President, a female Reptilian agent told me “He will give us (“us” represents Reptilians, not me) money!” Another male Reptilians agent told me “Trump has started giving us money, again!” After Biden takes over, their money privilege will be disappeared. That’s why they are fighting so hard to keep Trump as their President.

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