Trump Agent who Opened Pelosi’s laptop, FOUND DEAD in basement

He opened Pelosi’s laptop during Insurgence has been found dead being shot 8 times in his basement. Police ruled “suicide”.

Shot 8 times? They really wanted to kill him 100% so that he cannot leak the information they don’t want investigators to know.

He touched and opened Nancy Pelosi’s laptop that was stolen by US Military Special Force. He came earlier than the special force arrive to steal her laptop?

I am sure that Nancy Pelosi’s stolen computer and US Military Special Force are the keys for why he was killed.

His wife told cops she was searching for a gun? Isn’t it strange? Why she was searching for a gun?

Then police confiscated 2 semi-automatic SKS rifles. His wife was searching for a gun, and police took 2 automatic rifles? It doesn’t add up.

Look at the picture perfect house of this victim.

He was found dead in the basement, but his wife told police “There was blood everywhere.” If blood was only found in the basement, she could not say “everywhere“. “everywhere” means that his blood is all over the house. We can assume he was shot but managed to move around the house in order to escape from a gun man or gun men. But finally, he got fatal shots in the basement. Some news reported he was shot 8 times!

I am sure he would NOT commit a suicide for the small charge he might get.

They key reason why he was killed is that he witnessed a special forces (some intel saying US Army Delta Forces) got Nancy Pelosi’s computer. US Military wanted to kill him and shut his mouth before he had started talking about it to many people.

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