High Possibility: Trump & US Military will attack Biden’s Inauguration


According to Fox News, Trump will leave White House in the morning of January 20th, Inauguration Day. Then he will head to Joint Base Andrew.

Joint Base Andrew is US Air Force Base.

The reason Trump is heading to Joint Base Andrew is to attend his farewell party. But real reason we can imagine is, again, Trump will be staying the National Command Center in Joint Base Andrew in order to watch Military coup and blood bath during Biden’s Inauguration just like he was in the National Command Center in Dyess Air Force Base in Texas during Military coup in Capitol building on January 6th.

Fox News is also suggesting Military Coup and blood bath during Inauguration.


It is obvious US Military had active roles in Insurrection on January 6th. Many military agents were spotted including Emily Rainey, Army Psychological Warfare officer led more than 100 military agents into the Capitol building.

There are so many military agents of National Guard in the Capitol building. Is is possible that suddenly, they start killing all politicians inside the building by Trump & Military orders?

Right now, we cannot trust anybody. We feel we are surrounded by enemies. I’ve been surrounded by active and retired military agents for about 10 years since 2011. I know they can be really dangerous with guns and rifles. But Galactic Federation of Light has some scout ships over my head in order to protect me. Otherwise, I’ve been dead for years.

No politicians died during Insurrection because Galactic Federation of Light protected them from violence. But Trump & US Military plan was to kill all the politicians in the building so that they could get Trump Dictatorship without democracy with no Congress nor Senate.

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