Just like North Korea: US Military has a Plan to take over all the media in US

US Military believe they are the Government to rule the US. US Military does NOT admit Biden Administration is the legitimate administration.

Therefore, Trump & US Military as Government operate separately from Biden Administration.

US Military is insisting that they have rounded up Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and now they are under house arrest. (Is this some kind of joke? Have you see Joe, recently?)

And now, US Military wants to take over all media in US. According to Trump insider, at 6:30 PM on February 5th Friday, an emergency announcement will be made by US Military Government. That emergency announcement will be released by all the media. That announcement will be about US Military is going to take over all media in US. All the media including news papers, radio, TV will be taken over and ruled by US Military.

US Military has arrested many politicians including Biden and Harris on January 25th. (Unbelievable! But that’s their information is telling us! Have you seen Biden after January 25th in White House? He has signed many presidential orders in order to reverse Trump’s policies in White House.)

Many elites have been arrested. (That’s what they are talking about for a decade. Fiction writer, Benjamin Fulford has kept talking about “Bill Gates has been arrested.” But it looks like still Bill Gates is free!)

By March 4th, Trump will announce his new cabinet members.

White House has been blacked out for last 10 days.

That is the explanation from Trump Administration to their supporters.

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