COVID-19 Vaccine: mRNA will keep copying and replacing your DNA forever!

You should give your attention to “intramuscular” injection. This shot is NOT intradermal. The messenger RNA (mRNA) will be implanted deep into your muscle so that it can circulate into your body deeply.

The doctor explaining in this video is saying “This is NOT an ordinary mRNA.”

ウリジン= normal mRNA rotates counter clockwise. But 修飾ウリジン used in COVID-19 Vaccines rotates clockwise. Our DNA also rotates clockwise.

He explains “This special mRNA rotates, copies and replaces human DNA over and over again!”

Can you imagine mRNA, artificially created DNA by the Reptilian rulers, can copy its DNA over and over forever? Human DNA will be completely replaced by artificial DNA. Those people who gotten vaccines are going to be SynBio, synthetic bio robots.

We might not able to see this change soon because it will take some time for mRNA to replace human DNA. It might take some months or years. But before mRNA take over human DNA, human body might collapse. Human body might not handle the change created by mRNA.

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