Nano Parasites Morgellons on your mask and swab of PCR test

In reality, they are implanting Morgellons, nano-parasites while putting a long swab into your deep nostril as PCR test. That swabs has Morgellons nano-fibers that looks tiny moving fibers.

Morgellons nano parasites have been created by US Military, and US Air Force has been spraying Morgellons nano-fibers through Chemtrails.

Morgellons parasite fibers Image

Tens of thousands of people lined up for PCR test in order to check whether they had Coronavirus or not. They all have gotten nano-parasites Morgellons.

The following images are nano parasitic fibers of Morgellons in a swab of PCR test.

Morgellons nano-fiber found on a swab of PCR test.

Morgellons are also embedded into your masks.

Just cut out some fiber from your mask and look at the fiber with a microscope.

Morgellons nano-parasite fibers on your mask!

Probably, clothe masks might not have Morgellons. Many people have chosen clothe masks over disposable masks. The most politicians and starts are wearing clothe masks. I guess they’ve been informed that disposable masks have Morgellons.

One thought on “Nano Parasites Morgellons on your mask and swab of PCR test

  1. I did this same thing and found many fibers. They are shiney and the masks have red, blue and black fibers. I got curious and started looking other places and was blown away with what I found. They are EVERYWHERE! If you swab some dust off the top of a bookshelf or something like that you will find a plethora of the fibers in the dust. They are also on your skin. The fibers in the dust are red, blue and white though. I rarely see the black ones in dust.
    Welcome to the future…


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