Trump Administration ordered Kim Jong-un to blow up buildings at the boarder of South Korea

Rothschild Illuminati desperately wants to start a war anywhere soon.

Trump has the mission to start war on China. But he has more mission to start wars in any country as soon as and as many as possible. For that, Rothschild gave $2.2 billion to Trump before the previous election.

Kim Jong-un is also a puppet of Rothschild. He studied in Switzerland, Rothschild home country.

Trump and Kim Jong-un, both the puppets of Rothschild cooperate together to create a war between North Korea and South Korea. Illuminati created a scenario to blow up the buildings, where North Korea and South Korea can negotiate, in order to make Korean War again.

Look at the following image from NBC News showing the sister of Kim Jong-un, the possible successor if Kim Jong-un dies, standing between Pence and his wife during 2018 Olympic. That means Trump Administration has strong tie with Kim Jong-un Regime.

This was NOT a coincidence that they stayed next to each other. They were talking about the plan to have Korean War, again!

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