Shadow Government, Department of Homeland Security keeps abducting young protesters as Reptilians’ food

Shadow Government (=Reptilian Government), Department of Homeland Security agents are snatching and abducting young protesters. Those agents are putting those abducted young protesters into unmarked vans.

US Government has Greada Treaty with Reptilians. The treaty is “US Government will supply abducted human children and youths to cannibal Reptilians in exchange for military technologies from Reptilians.”

Those Reptilians on the Earth are originated from Orion, Hydra, Draco and Sirius B star systems. Right now, the Earth is their last stronghold. Galactic Federation of Light (Andromeda, Pleiades and more) has been cleaning Reptilians’ secret underground bases since 2011 and monitoring Reptilians’ movements in every moment.

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