Explosion in Beirut: 2 Planes hit the warehouse?

On the following video, somebody working in the Port of Beirut, where the horrible explosion happened, said 2 planes hit the warehouse before the explosion.

100% this explosion was a setup by Illuminati. 2 planes hit the warehouse? 2 planes crashed into that warehouse? Or 2 planes hit the warehouse by kind of missiles?

The riots in Beirut has been also setup by Illuminati. They planned this long time ago. The purpose of these incidences are in order to remove the present regime from the Government in Lebanon and put Illuminati friendly regime into Lebanese Government.

The next day of that explosion, Macron, French President visited Lebanon. This was not coincidence, either. The explosion was planned one day before Macron (Illuminati puppet) visit so that Macron can offer something from Illuminati.

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