Marine Sergeant Died in Bahrain at Explosion might be the set-up agent

In previous article, I showed you that a guy working in the Port of Beirut called his family just before the explosion saying “I am OK. 2 planes hit that warehouse!” Then he died by that explosion. That means 2 planes attacked the warehouse with mountain of explosives.

Now, I’ve found a Marine Sergeant died in Bahrain at the explosion. Marine Corps does NOT disclose what he was doing at the explosion. Marine Corps is now investigating his death. That means that Sergeant was there to work for Marine Corps. Isn’t it suspicious? What he was doing at the explosion? He was setting up something for explosion?

Marine Corps Identifies Sergeant Who Died in Bahrain

Sgt. Trevor Goldyn, a communications Marine assigned to the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, was found dead in a “non-combat related incident,” according to a service press release.

The incident remains under investigation.

Some people suspect that was not only ammonium nitrate but also small nuclear weapon was used. We can see the explosion more like nuclear detonation. If somebody in Beirut can see how much radiation they have in Beirut, we can find out.

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