Corrupted Security Officers have been ordered to stand down in Capitol Hill

I saw some Youtube videos showing some security officers started walking back to give up their positions at the barricade and even opened the barricade for the military mob to let them inside the Capitol building. One black officer even escorted the mob in the building so that they could reach the point where they could assassinate politicians.

What kind of instruction those corrupted security officers got from Military Authority?

Dan Rather has some insight about the security of the Capitol building during the Insurgence. Those security officers got orders from Reptilian Authority.

During the insurgence, Trump stayed at the Operation room in National Command Center in Abilene, Texas watching how his military coup operation was going.

All the agents stormed into the building were all professional assassins trained by US Military. Their plan was to kill all the politicians (including Pence who did NOT work for Trump to reject the election outcome) in that Capitol building so that US Military can get Trump dictatorship to control US rather than through Democracy. Especially, after Right Wing Reptilian Republican lost 2 seats to Democrat, they cannot control US Government. They completely lost the control over US Government to Democrats who dislike US Military, a slaughter machine.

Later, Trump tweeted his lie “I immediately called National Guard.” But actually Trump refused to call National Guard. Who called National Guard was Pence, not Trump. During the insurgence, many politicians called National Guard while they were hiding in that building, and they were told “We need President’s authorization to activate National Guard.”

Trump & US Military have a plan to activate Martial Law & 2nd Lockdown in US by creating Insurgence. Now Trump wants to say “The mob was not my supporters. They are Antifa & BLM disguising as my supporters.” so that he can activate Martial Law in order to take over the Government as a dictator.

During Insurgence, Trump told the mob “I love you. You are special. Please go home now.” Then next day, Trump told “You are criminals. You have to pay for what you have done.” He suddenly changed his tone.The reason is obvious he wants to activate Martial Law by taking advantage of Insurgence he had created with US Military.

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