ISS does NOT exist. All FAKE Computer Graphics & filming in NASA facility on the Earth.

It’s all FAKE computer graphics.

They have filed this scene in NASA facility long time ago.

Again, another computer graphics.

Again, this scene was filed in NASA facility long time ago.

Now, suddenly with polo shirts & pants? Where they removed astronaut suits?

That’s it! No more scene from ISS. They cannot show you ISS very much because ISS does NOT exist.

All the space walk scenes have been taken right here in NASA facility Giant Pool.

From around 3:56:00 on the following video, you can hear the familiar noise, the noise of breathing air from oxygen tank while scuba diving.

How about the rocket launch? How can they be fake? Of course, they can make computer graphics movie for that.

Nice computer graphics!

NASA is doing good job for computer graphics!

Look at the shape of smoke! That’s how NASA describe the smoke from the rocket. That’s a nice CG smoke.

Look at the smoke! That smoke does NOT move at all! It keeps the same shape.

The smoke is fixated! You know why? It’s because this is CG movie.

The fixated smoke made by CG, but it is good enough to trick stupid people (Sorry, I don’t mean to offend you.).

“This is historic mission!” to trick people by stupid CG movie.

Even this pinkish smoke does NOT look real. Do you know why? It’s because this is CG animation.

This smoke and fire look really FAKE! And of course, it keeps the same shape!

Nice CG, but it still looks really FAKE!

A lady said “So exciting today.” Then she laughed like “I love this joke.” @ 10:20 on the following video.

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